New Exhibition Willoughby Gallery, Castle, Bude

portrait2 Oblivion-(Ghost-Ship)

Safe Passage’   16th April – 5th May

Recently the emphasis of my new body of work is about looking at connections to the sea with a much wider focus. The needless loss of life at sea is an in-escapable current concern.  Movement of people across Europe and globally feature in a new series of artwork engaging with these issues of mortality. An emotive exhibition that looks at the treacherous journeys people are enduring.  Please click on the link below to see some of the new series of paintings.

This exhibition will also be displaying copies of paintings made by Syrian children aged between 6-16, living in refugee camps in Lebanon. Some of the artworks reflect the trauma that the young people have experienced, while others are more hopeful and optimistic. This exhibition has been kindly lent by organiser Baraa Ehsaan Kouja, a Syrian student at the University of Exeter. Founder of the initiative:

Venue: The Castle, The Wharf
Bude, Cornwall, EX23 8LG     MAP:

Boscastle National Trust

Current Exhibition – At the National Trust Cafe Boscastle; showing is a selection of the artists work.  During March Karen is showing her films made on location at Lundy Island.  This stunning Cyanea Lamarckii jelly fish features in a short film set at The Devils Kitchen,

WP_000357 jellyfish-cyanea-lamarckii    March

There will also be a selection of current oil paintings; original gouache paintings and a copy of the her book (for information) which was produced for the Lundy Island project.  It shows an extensive video and photographic investigation into the biodiversity that exists in the littoral zone on the southwest shores of Lundy Island.

Cruel & Curiious Sea Sept ’14

Cruel & Curious Sea – September 2014 at Stowe Barton.  Artists & Crew Video of the event over a Beautiful Autumn weekend  .

The Video show a selection of the artists work.  Karen Gimlinge glass sculpture at 1:20

Exhibition at Falmouth

Littoral zone













                 Karen Gimlinge New Sculpture at the MA Exhibitions, Falmouth College of Art ,  2nd – 6th September  2014        Falmouth University, Woodlane Galleries, Falmouth TR11 4RH

Photograph of Sunset Cup coral at Lundy Island; Installation of ‘Littoral Zone’, slate, sand, glass tubes, and re-formed glass bottles.

This piece of work is located in the Lamorva building opposite Woodlane Campus reception.

Submission 1








Detail of re-formed glass bottles set within the installation.  Karen Gimlinge










This shows a map of Lundy Island (southeast section)  that is marked by a circular area.  This is the area that was explored for much of the video pieces in this show.

Current research arts project

In the hunt for:  Magic; Wonder; Pursuit and Universal Experience.  Human nature and the part of us that yearns to explore by discovery and exploration is a fundamental human desire.

cove scourge Lundycove scourge .




The Essence of water and Magic of marine life

My focus in the last few months has brought me closer to the organisms that live in and feed off the rocky shorelines of North Cornwall.  My recent work looks at the marine ecology amongst the coral reefs and also the essence of water and the visible organisms within it.

Exploring: My current research is to look at the specific shores that surround Lundy Island.  The artwork I am producing is at the outset an exploration of the marine life, which is typically found in the Marine Conservation Zone that surrounds Lundy. It has a substantial growth of delicate marine invertebrates, and around 300 species of seaweed which colonise the shores and reefs around the island.  It is a healthy and wildlife-rich marine environment, as the MCZ it is also a ‘No take Zone’ throughout  the Island region.  This offers a refuge for its unique marine habitats, protecting and allowing the marine wildlife to thrive. 

Hydrophilia '13

My art practice has been driven by this investigation. We live in inter-connected worlds – the submerged and external world. Each perhaps compares to both the internal self which seems timeless and sub-merged like the psyche, and the external self surrounded by its own cycle. For me the internal self can be lost whilst in the ocean or beneath its surface. Space is timeless in the water; if you’ve ever searched for a timeless activity / a place to get ‘lost’ this connection with nature is a powerful place.

My recent visit to Lundy – Oct ’13 I visited the south of the island, and took some film footage of the coral reef at low tide, however many of the beaches were closed    They also had the highest winds speeds this year up to -80 m.p.h. made areas of the cliffs in-accessible.  I was able to gain unique footage of the grey seals that are having seals pups on many of the southern and eastern beaches, which are on a more protected side of the Island.  Lundy is home to a breeding colony of about 70 grey seals.

seal pup

I look forward to visiting Lundy this spring to inspire some new artwork.


Annual Open Exhibition 2013

     November 23 – December 22 (2013)


The Burton Art Gallery & Museum, Bideford, Devon – is open Monday-Friday 10-4,
Saturday 10-4, Sunday 11-4. Admission is free.

The Annual Open Exhibition

Current work showing – and a great opportunity to find that unique gift, as well as support the Burton Art Gallery & Museum.    Please go to recent projects post:

Previous work at The PYDAR GALLERY,   Peoples Palace, Pydar St, TR1 2AZ, Truro.   30th April – 7th May

Previous Exhibition at – The Spring Gallery, The Poly – 24 Church St, Falmouth, TR11 3EG             Tuesday 26th March – Monday 1st April  2013

Karen’s work makes connections with our environment.  Showing will be a new series of paintings, original prints, and three-dimensional work.  Her art is linked to understanding and making connections with the changing climate by representing depictions of the atmosphere and nature.  Water focuses strongly in this show.  The resource of water at an elementary level is celebrated through colourful depictions; rendered within the context of looking at the oxygen and the water-cycle at a fundamental level.  Inhale nature through the pigments of micro-organisms that relate in this cycle.

During this period the artist will be inviting the public to engage with the work and participate in workshops in the space.



Current work at The Burton Art Gallery

November 23 – December 22

The Annual Open Exhibition

In this current group exhibition it offers an opportunity for local North Devon Artists to exhibit work that reflects their current artistic practice.


Organised as a fund-raising event by the Friends of the Burton, this exhibition is one of the highlights in the Burton’s programme. A great opportunity to find that unique gift, as well as support the Burton Art Gallery & Museum.

The Burton Art Gallery & Museum is open Monday-Friday 10-4,
Saturday 10-4, Sunday 11-4. Admission is free. Tel: 01237 471455 Email:

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CCANW Haldon & Embercoombe

Embercoombe and Haldon Forest – One day resident at CCANW

sketch in woods. sketch woods         



The Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, is devoted to exploring new understandings of our changing relationship to nature through the arts. In 2004 CCANW entered into an exciting new partnership with the Forestry Commission in Haldon Forest Park. In a first phase, a CCANW Project Space opened there in April 2006, attracting 30,000 visitor.  In 2013 CCANW became a Community Interest Company and moved to the Innovation Centre, within the University of Exeter campus.