Artist residencies

workshop group 31.3.13,Recent Residency at The Spring Gallery, Church St, Falmouth.

Children were involved in engaging with the Sculpture & displays.

As an artist in Residence I gather my inspiration and source material by being active in the environment. The significance of nature and issues that face a changing climate has increased enormously in the public consciousness. I exhibit pieces of work within this context but also explore other subject matter. The media I work in is Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Glass, and other media. My current exhibition is at The Pydar Gallery, (30th April – 8th May) Truro, TR1 2AZ. It follows a solo show in Falmouth drawing on ideas of the precious resources of water and the ocean.  Paintings and prints were shown with 3-dimensional sculpture assemblages; of beach waste (rubbish thrown up on the tide line), I set up workshops for children & families to engage with these objects and issues, while participating in making original monotype prints and clay models.  My professional practice in its broadest sense is focused to make art in response to our complex relations with the natural world.  The current show in Truro shows original prints, oil paintings, and three-dimensional works.