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In the hunt for:  Magic; Wonder; Pursuit and Universal Experience.  Human nature and the part of us that yearns to explore by discovery and exploration is a fundamental human desire.

cove scourge Lundycove scourge .




The Essence of water and Magic of marine life

My focus in the last few months has brought me closer to the organisms that live in and feed off the rocky shorelines of North Cornwall.  My recent work looks at the marine ecology amongst the coral reefs and also the essence of water and the visible organisms within it.

Exploring: My current research is to look at the specific shores that surround Lundy Island.  The artwork I am producing is at the outset an exploration of the marine life, which is typically found in the Marine Conservation Zone that surrounds Lundy. It has a substantial growth of delicate marine invertebrates, and around 300 species of seaweed which colonise the shores and reefs around the island.  It is a healthy and wildlife-rich marine environment, as the MCZ it is also a ‘No take Zone’ throughout  the Island region.  This offers a refuge for its unique marine habitats, protecting and allowing the marine wildlife to thrive. 

Hydrophilia '13

My art practice has been driven by this investigation. We live in inter-connected worlds – the submerged and external world. Each perhaps compares to both the internal self which seems timeless and sub-merged like the psyche, and the external self surrounded by its own cycle. For me the internal self can be lost whilst in the ocean or beneath its surface. Space is timeless in the water; if you’ve ever searched for a timeless activity / a place to get ‘lost’ this connection with nature is a powerful place.

My recent visit to Lundy – Oct ’13 I visited the south of the island, and took some film footage of the coral reef at low tide, however many of the beaches were closed    They also had the highest winds speeds this year up to -80 m.p.h. made areas of the cliffs in-accessible.  I was able to gain unique footage of the grey seals that are having seals pups on many of the southern and eastern beaches, which are on a more protected side of the Island.  Lundy is home to a breeding colony of about 70 grey seals.

seal pup

I look forward to visiting Lundy this spring to inspire some new artwork.