Mission Statement

anemone lightbox

My artwork reflects and unifies ideas of environmental awareness.

My recent installations comprise glass constructions within an interior space.  I use video and photography as part of a multiplicity of construction and artifice, in this case highlighting the need for a closer look at the biodiversity that is being lost in the littoral zone.  Some direct associations can be seen in the biomorphic forms that are echoed in the sculptural glasswork, as if you have strayed into a place where some change or transformation of an eco-system has taken place.

Much of my recent sculpture work incorporates elements of personal diaries interweaving interviews with specialists who carry their own specialist knowledge and story. My installations function as a personal journey where observations of these environmental concerns are treated as a deep and reflective inquiry into consciousness.

Environmental art can take a variety of forms, but often includes expressive combinations of materials reused and recycled in inventive and truthful ways.  My recent glass work comprises a series of recycled found bottles which have then been reformed.   These reworked materials often suggest organic sculptural forms, or reference elemental aspects of the landscape.  I believe by being a caretaker through ecological art, audiences may discover a new perspective on the subject.

As harmful global issues progressively become more urgent and as our planet continues to show signs of harm created by human negligence my art practice will shift and develop to embrace some of these pressing issues.

 Attend to the land through action and deed and live with the certainty that your voice will be heard.

As life is a wonder of infinite complexity, there is no more curious and mysterious a matter than the biodiversity which surrounds us.  This place where nature can be met with the artistic impulse; through thought and skill as we unravel the dilemmas together.   

Art, deed, and thought of Environmental protection being the intended objective. Connect the aesthetic through the art medium from a most incomprehensible place.